IoT platform update – ThingsBoard

It hasn’t been long since our last platform update and we already come to you with yet another one! As we announced previously, we added support for a new cloud provider – ThingsBoard (

It is an alternative, easy-to-use, open-source platform that can be hosted locally on your device or fee-based option – directly in the cloud. The detailed process of ThingsBoard set up is described on our GitHub. Our work does not end up here however! We are just now starting to work on adding support for more cloud providers. In that case, if you have in mind any cloud service provider we should add to our IoT Starter, please let us know and we might end up adding one of your choices!

Example ThingsBoard dashboard is presented below.

By the way, we have also updated the MicroPython firmware version as the previous one was a bit outdated.

Follow us and stay tuned for future updates!

If you have found any bugs feel free to create an issue!

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