Our Technologies

Key technologies used at WizzDev: Python, C++, HDF5, FPGA, Qt, DSP

WizzDev works with cloud storage vendors (Amazon Web Services, Azure, Egnyte) and can provide help in storing and maintaining Big Data sets on the cloud


Embedded Systems, IoT, Digital Signal Processors (DSP), Desktop Systems

Operating systems:

Windows, Linux (Debian, Yocto, WindRiver), FreeBSD, FreeRTOS, MPLAB Harmony


ARM Cortex M (ST Microelectronics), ARM Cortex A (e.g Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Parallella board), Intel x86/x64, Xeon Phi, Texas Instruments DSP, Microchip 8/16/32 bit, FPGA

Programming languages:

Embedded C, Assembler, C++, C, Bash, JavaScript, Python, Django, HTTP/REST, AJAX, VHDL


Visual C, Eclipse, MPLAB X, Code Composer Studio, gcc, clang


WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, MMC, SD Card, GPS, USB

Communication protocols:

USB, RS485, RS232, CAN Bus, I2C, SPI, HDLC

GUI technologies:

Qt, wxWidgets

Database integration:

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server


High-Performance Computing (HPC), Digital Signal Processing (DSP)


Qt is a trademark of the Qt Company Ltd and its subsidiaries

The Python logo is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation