WizzDev provides end-to-end programming services

  • For many different device drivers, microprocessors, microcontrollers and IoT devices in the following areas:
  • Life Science - developing laboratory instrument software for DNA sequencing: LLNL, JGI, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore Technology and DNAe
  • Development of Software and Hardware for Highway Traffic Management Systems and automotive industries (as RJ2): Costain Group PLC / Simulation Systems Ltd

Additional experience in the following areas:

  • Automotive: Developing CAN Bus Analyser for local and remote vehicle diagnosis
  • Internet of Things - Build a network of air quality sensors and provided aggregated results online in real time for Radar Smogowy (Smog Radar)
  • Finance: Private Pension/Benefits management system for Willis Towers Watson
  • Telecommunication / Life Science: Application of advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms for data extraction and processing

There are a few common areas for all listed projects:

  • Transfer and analysis of large amounts of binary data and time series data
  • Storage and visualization of time series data
  • Connecting and controlling devices over USB/Ethernet/CAN Bus/Serial lines
  • Most of our projects are for the UK market and we can offer some on-site UK residence e.g. bi-weekly direct contact with Customers
Willis Towers Watson
Radar Smogowy
Nanopore Technologies