Service Offer

Design and development of bespoke binary data formats

  • Optimized for large amounts of time series data
  • The data is saved in an industrial-grade binary format (HDF5) allowing fast writing and reading
  • Suitable for both real-time embedded applications as well as offline cloud computing
  • Suitable for easy use with machine learning and data science tools like¬†Python, SciPy, Panda, and Matlab
  • We can provide software libraries both for Linux, Mac OS and Windows for most modern languages like C, C++, Python, C#, and Java

Development of data acquisition software for FPGA/ASIC

  • Real-time embedded software
  • Acquisition of hundreds of MB/s using USB or PCIe connectors

Design, development and support of Graphical User Interfaces

  • Efficient and user-friendly visualization of real-time data (online and offline)
  • Both Linux and Windows desktop applications
  • Turnkey applications which can be further developed by internal teams of our customers

Laboratory Information Management System for big data

  • Integrating your instruments/data acquisition with existing LIMS systems
  • Developing bespoke extensions to your LIMS systems
  • Providing visualization for data analysis and insights about the process