Custom software, firmware and PCB design

WizzDev develops PCBs and Software (Firmware) for your IoT embedded device. We don’t stop on PCB prototypes but we also support manufacturing of PCBs and CE Mark certification of the product.

Using development boards and simulators we start writing software before the first prototypes are ready. Next, using best software engineering practices all features are implemented and properly tested. If needed, we will integrate the device with the Cloud (e.g.: Amazon AWS IoT, ThingsBoard, Kaa IoT)

Our in-house R&D team specializes in firmware development, PCB design, processor architecture, cross-compiler systems. 

Motor controller PCB board for IoT Home Appliance

The board combines a power supply unit from 230V mains, motor driver, display and several sensors. Moreover, this product is capable of connecting to the cloud via WiFi.
Challenging part was developing flexible power supply which is compatible with European, US and Japan regulations

Flexible ESP32 IoT board

This is a data acquisition board for sensing temperature and humidity. Data is periodically read from sensors and pushed via WiFi to the cloud in Amazon AWS. The product is powered by alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones.

3d Gaming controller with camera