Chip shortage? Cannot find parts? Read about Trinamic’s replacement!

Components shortage is a frequent problem faced by IoT projects. A number of embedded software projects had to be canceled or restarted due to a lack of required microprocessors and subcomponents. One of the mitigation is to replace high-demand chips with their modern counterparts.

Recently one of our clients had a problem finding enough Trinamic controllers (TMCM-3110) for their stepper motors. They asked us to design and develop a custom Trinamic controller board using just trinamic chips (which are easier to source). 

WizzDev has now developed technology which allows us to design and develop good custom stepper motor controllers based on Trinamic and either STM32 or ESP32 microcontrollers – let us know if this would be something we could help with.

e.g. If you have a problem with sourcing or size of Trinamic TMCM-3110 controllers, we could replace it with a custom PCB with TMC262 and TMC429 and connect to e.g. QSH4218-41-10-035 stepper motor. We can provide you with a customized TMCM-3110 replacement in 4 weeks, which is much faster than the current TMCM-3110 wait time.