IoT platform update – Blynk

Hey everyone, we are still working on adding new cloud service providers and today we can gladly announce that we’ve integrated yet another one! This time we’ve managed to add support for Blynk cloud ( It is an easy-to-use cloud platform that lets you visualize data on custom-created dashboards. It can host one device as a part of a free tier (you can extend the number of devices with a one-time payment or choose a paid tier). It also comes with a mobile app that is synced with the website so you do not need to configure it whatsoever! It works for both Android and Apple devices.

Our work does not end up here, however! We are just now working on adding support for more cloud providers. In that case, if you have in mind any cloud service provider we should add to our IoT Starter, please let us know and we might end up adding one of your choices!

Example Blynk (web view) dashboard is presented below.

Follow us and stay tuned for future updates!

If you have found any bugs feel free to create an issue!
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