Leading easy-to-integrate, on-premises, and cloud-based IoT platforms #1

Have you ever been struggling with choosing the best option from the leading easy-to-integrate, on-premises, and cloud-based IoT platforms based on scalability, security, integration difficulty, flexibility, customization, and operational expenses?
We have prepared a series of blogs presenting the pros and cons of selected leading solutions!

Kaa IoT (https://www.kaaproject.org/platform)

Kaa IoT platform is GitHub’s leading, open-source IoT middleware for endpoint solutions, asset management, data management, and protocol management. 


  • Low cost
  • Real-time data management
  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Production-ready
  • Easily integrated with third-party platforms
  • Supports a wide range of protocols
  • Advanced notification and data configuration model


  • High minimum device connectivity requirements
  • Limited customization for innovative products


Stay tuned for the next updates about the other platforms that we wish can help you find something that suits your requirements best!